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The Glitch was conceived during 2004, and started out simply as a site to assist people with computer problems. Today the site has grown considerably and has become a one-stop shop for many aspects of modern computing and communication


I have answered a lot of questions over the years and so I thought it would be useful to share them with you. To this end I have started a 'Frequently Asked Questions' area, covering everything from Internet connectivity issues to problems burning DVDs.


I have categorised the questions into sections for your convenience, and for ease of searching.  Many of my FAQs answer general queries, but a number pertain specifically to Windows XP and 2000. More recently I have started special sections for both Windows 7 and Vista questions.



Apple Mac Apple Mac questions
AV General AV questions
Communications Email, Blog & Instant Messaging issues
Digital Cameras Digital Camera help
Gadgets PVRs, iPods and other device issues
General Hardware General hardware & upgrade questions
  Blu-ray Blu-ray & Blu-ray Disk (BD) issues
  DDR Memory Computer Memory Questions
  Hard Drives Hard Drive Questions
  Routers Router / Hub Questions
  SSD Solid State Drive (SSD) Questions
  USB USB Device Questions
  Graphics Cards Graphics cards and related questions
  Media Cards SD, CF, XD and other storage cards
General Software General windows & software issues
  Internet Explorer IE & Internet Connectivity Issues
  Office Specific 'Microsoft Office' questions
  Windows Explorer Windows Explorer related issues
  VMWare For vSphere & vCenter questions
  Windows 7 Answers to your Windows 7 questions
  Windows 8 Answers to your Windows 8 questions
  Windows Installs Issues when installing Windows
  Windows Update Updates, Patches & Service pack help
  Windows Vista Vista specific questions
Glitch Glossary A list of IT Jargon with simple definitions
Glitch Website For 'The Glitch' website issues
Laptops Your Laptop Questions Answered
Mobile Phones For 'iPhone' and other mobile questions
Networking For Networking questions
Printers For Printer & Printing help
Security Viruses, Spyware and Firewalls
Writing Media CD/DVD burning issues
   NEW = New Category

Approximately 350 Questions Answered

Be Safe Online

Use a firewall

Keep anti-virus software updated

Get latest Windows updates

Use anti-spyware software

Simple Solutions
To Problems

Double check all connections
Restart your PC

Get latest Windows updates

Update Software/Drivers
Use System Restore


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